Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandma's room

The last room of my tudor house!
On the attic lives Grandma, the mother of the wizard.

I startled her in the bath.....
that way I have some time to make photo's of her room!
I don't trust her one bit....on her balcony she has a canon!
Who knows what damage she can do with that thing???

Grandma's bed!
You can't see it,
but on her bed lies a magazine with Hugh Grant on the cover....
Grandma loves pretty boys

And snakes

I fell in love with this cradle when i saw it on a fair some time ago!
I saw a beautiful scene before me...maybe with fairies and a fairybaby in the cradle!
But suddenly a dragonbaby lay in the cradle and I don't have the nerve to remove it...
do you know when dragons start with breathing fire?

The table with Grandma's magical accessories.
Oh...and a rat with a knife in his back!

Don't ask what Grandma's up to with this young girl...
I'm not sure if I want to know

The lamp I made has found a nice place the attic!
Chesspieces are very handy when making little tables.

I hope you enjoyed the tour through my tudor house!
When anything new has been made...
I will show it to you on this blog!


A Little More Minis said...

Wat een prachtig huis!!
En die kleine details overal, ik heb echt mijn ogen uitgekeken!
Dat gebit in die schaal!! Ha ha ha!! ;)

Mooi gedaan allemaal, alhoewel sommige dingen wel een beetje liguber zijn hoor ;) maar ja dat hoort bij die oude oma hé?

Lieve groetjes, Jollie

Margriet said...

ja, een beetje luguber hoort hier wel bij hoor ;-)

Sans! said...

There is grandma in the bathtub, grandma and her cannon and definitely, Hugh Grant as her pretty boy :).I can imagine him in the bathtub with her cos what grandma wants, grandma gets :)...