Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tardis update!

Almost done....
This morning I made the bars in the windows, the text, lock and handles.
What a #%$@ job

But I'm very satisfied with how it looks!!!
The POLICE BOX printies are just temporarily,
I have to think some more about how I want it!

And I still need a lamp for on top...
but I haven't found something suitable yet  
Thankfully the door handle is to high for E-beertje!!!
Otherwise he probably would have been gone already with the Tardis

I dirtied the Tardis with black paint,
but it doesn't show very well in the photo.
But in real it does!


Sans! said...

So far so PERFECT!!!! :) An amazing job, M! :) Now you can use it to visit me :)

Catherine said...

LOL Sans!

I was thinking that I wanted you to come over and teach me how to build one.

It is PERFECT! You have done such a beautiful job making this. I really love it.

sylvia said...

Oh Margriet, wat is hij gaaf geworden, helemaal te gek!!!
Ik vond hem eerlijk gezegd ook niet vuil genoeg, maar zal inderdaad de foto wel zijn.
(Wanneer vind ik het wel vuil genoeg, bij mij moet altijd alles stinkend smerig zijn hi, hi)

Mama Muis said...

zo, chapeau! kleur is fantastisch en prachtig gemaakt, mooie details, raampjes, vind het knap zoals je dat doet!

Marfolhuz miniatures said...

Zo jij gaat snel!
Hij lijkt echt heel goed, vind ik.
groetjes van Marieke

Lotte said...

The details are perfect! That´s very interesting project!

BiWuBär said...

Fantastic job... and I agree, you're lucky that E-beertje is to small to reach the door knob. No doubt he would use it - maybe to pay us a visit. Well, I would be in deep trouble with a Tardis around here - you know, Flutterby is a winged bear, oh my (LOL)