Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weather vane

Do you like the weather vane I made for my tudor house???

I made it with 2 little witchpunches, 3 clock-hands, 
a gear wheel, a hex nut, metal tube,
an other metal thingie and letter vermicelli!


BiWuBär said...

Deep impression around here... what an eyecatcher!

Flutterby + Birgit

Tabitha Corsica said...

How whimsical! ...and imaginative!

Catherine said...

That is great... A witch riding the wind on a broom. LOL

Sans! said...

I LOVE it!It's my vote for the best one I have seen. How clever with the clock hands but 3? Where?

You are brilliant , Margriet!

Margriet said...

The little circle where the witch stand on and what's on the right is one clockface (I cut a piece of!), the left side is another one and both are glued to the third...that one you can't see, the witch is glued to a little piece of it and the rest is glued in the metal tube :-)
Thank you all for your nice comments!!

A Little More Minis said...

GAAF!!! echt over nagedacht hé? ;) mooi hoor!!

Mama Muis said...

HA lettervermicelli? Briljant!