Monday, February 14, 2011

Witch's shop

This is a shop I decorated in 2002.

My first attempt in trying to age something....
I took a wet teabag and "aged" the wallpaper  
It was a bit scary, but also fun to do!

I made the cupboard myself
and I dressed and wigged the witch.

Little Willow is bringing in an enchanted prince!

Most of the books and magazines are made bij me.

The tabletop with a pentagram is made by me!
I made the table leg from a souvenir bottle from Greece.

The brown dreamcatcher is made by me!
The purple one was a gift!

Real gold and silver, bought in Germany when we were on holiday there!

This witch had a little accident!
I made her from a kit by Sassy Mini Dolls


BiWuBär said...

Your aging with that tea bag did it quite well... Lovely shop with so many details, but the best thing to us was the gag with the frog prince...

Flutterby + Birgit

Mama Muis said...

Prachtig Margriet. Wat een boel details ook, heel mooi om even een kijkje te mogen nemen in dit winkeltje

Sans! said...


That last picture is preciouso!! :) I love it when you are funny which is most of the time ;):)

I have enlarged every picture to look at all the incredible details. And I think I saw your daughter? peeping through one of the windows or doors. Like all your minis, she is super cute! :)

Margriet said...

yes, that is my daughter Jasmijn...she is funny too ;-)

Jollie said...

Wat gaaaaaaf!!!!
Alhoewel ik de verkoopster niet echt vriendelijk vind kijken hoor ;)

Liefs Jollie

sorty0 said...

Jajajaja Es genial ¡¡¡¡ me encanta. Saludos.