Monday, March 14, 2011

Dolls house fair Rijswijk

Last weekend I've been to the dollshouse fair in Rijswijk.
I helped a friend of mine who sells 1:24 miniatures and embroidery kits she desings herself.

My friend Melissa is very good in embroidery and she made me a lovely present!
A little footstool with a dragon!
The owl and little pot she bought for me on the sweet is that!!!

Another wonderful friend made a surprise visit to the fair
and she brought me some wonderful gifts too!!!
I love the eyeball-plants

But I made some purchases myself too 
Most of them will be used in the tower!
On the right you can see a dragon egg.....
I found it on the mineral fair that was held at the same time at the same place!

Close-up of the 2 little figurines!

More treasures from the mineral fair!!

A lovely birdcage, lampshades, windows
(I bought 3 in a sale...they will come in handy someday I'm sure )
and some other useful things for the tower!

And this little sweet bear called out for me...
he wanted to come home with me desperately
and I couldn't resist him
He's 4 cm standing up!


1717 said...

Oooo, birdcage! I will wait with curiosity as it's ready.

BiWuBär said...

You got wonderful new minatures, especially the presents from your friends are really precious. That birdcage looks fantastic, but I would guess it's quite difficult to build. But you're very experienced and far more patient than me, so for you it will be probably easy... maybe you should put a little dragon in it... ;O)


P.S.: That little W.O.M.-bear is a cutie, no surprise you couldn't resist him. I too have some of them in my mini bears collection, they are so very well done.

Jollie said...

Whaaa wat een leuke spulletjes heb je gekocht en vooral ook gekregen, wat lief van Melissa en je andere vriendin :)
Echt allemaal jouw stijl, heel mooi!
Ook het beertje (4 cm? pfff da's klein!) is zooo mooi gedetaileerd...
Ja... leuke buit heb je meegebracht ;)

Liefs Jollie

Drora's minimundo said...

Lovely miniatures, especially the birdcage. I'll wait and see it finished.