Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carving Gargouilles

I've bought this book....
Yes...a book about woodcarving!!!
I'm not sure if I'm going to try woodcarving,
but I would love to make some gargouilles or grotesques for my tower
and I already knew this book from another blog.
I thought a woodcarving book with a step-by-step explanation would have very detailed photos and it does!!!
So I'm going to use those photos to try and make gargouilles with polymer clay
And who knows....maybe someday I will try woodcarving too

It is a very nice book....
much background information about gargouilles
and the photos are very detailed!!
I've ordered another one by the same woodcarver...
Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood:
Patterns & Instructions for Dragons, Wizards & Other Creatures of Myth.

I could use some help with the dragon I want to make too  


Catherine said...

It looks like it is a good book. I can't wait to see one you carve in 1: 12 scale.

BiWuBär said...

Imagine to be able to do something like this... I would be so glad because I love wood - but I would never dare. There would never be a dragon or gargoyle waiting for me in a log - the only thing I would bring to life and light would be many, many pieces of wood (LOL)... This book of yours looks very inspiring, I'm really curious now what it will inspire you to - whether in clay or wood.


Sans! said...

You can do it, Margriet!