Friday, May 27, 2011


I have a new addiction!!!

Next to miniature owls and knitted Nelladolls,
I'm starting to build up a nice collection of miniature dragons!!!
The little dragons by Nicky's Dolls and Critters are my favorite...
they are so tiny and incredibly cute!!!

Today 2 more arrived

This sad looking one on top of a small set of steps....
is he afraid to climb off???

And this little naughty boy!!!
You can see it in his eyes!!!
I'm not really fond of locking up animals..
but I'm a bit afraid of letting this one out of his cage


BiWuBär said...

No doubt - we both share this addiction! Congratulations to this two new family members...

Have a nice weekend!

P.S.: I wouldn't trust the little chap either - must be a reason why he had to go in jail... ;O)

Daydreamer said...

OOHH, Margriet! They are adorable! I can understand your new addiction..... I will have to admit that I want some dragons too..... the one in the cage is just AMAZING! You will have to be careful or you will need to build an extra Dragon Kennel just for the little monsters!

Anonymous said...

ochgossie, nooit gedacht dat ik dragons nog eens drolletjes zou noemen :)

LJ said...

Hey, no fair! I saw the little guy on the ladder and thought he'd be perfect for my castle, but someone had already bought him. Now I know who to blame! At least he's gone to a good home. I have to admit, Nicky's dragons have become an addiction with me too. I check her store almost everyday to see if there's anything new.

Anonymous said...

Leuk die draakjes, het popje is erg mooi gekleed zo, ook met schort en het haar met clipje ook prachtig.
De deur in de toren vindt ik erg mooi,dat het boven los kan en onder dicht,mmm leuk idee voor mijn cabin??
geen zin om in te loggen, even zo, gr Gonda.