Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fireplace dragon tower

Today I wanted to work on my dragon tower!
For some time now I wanted to make a fire place...
but I wasn't quite sure how to do it,
but today I just started and this is the result....
Not quite finished yet....of course
I want to make a wooden shelf around the fireplace...
where the 2 pieces meet.
That way it will look nicer and I will have room to put some little items on!
And the fireplace is much too clean!!!

From a friend I got a sturdy table.
I dismantled it completely and then used the wood to make a smaller table.
Now the sorceress has a nice table to work on.

(Nicky.....I need a little dragon that will go under the fireplace....
I left a little space there...nice and warm...just right for a tiny dragon! )


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love your firepit! It is going to be awesome and I can just see on of Nicky's little dragons peeking out from under. Now you have to decide what color for the dragon :)


Nicky CC said...

:o)) LOL ok hun!! I love your little fireplace and I love your blog! You are so clever!

BiWuBär said...

So many lovely dragons... but still enough space for many more. The idea with a dragon peeping out under the fire place is fantastic, I'm sure Nicky will do you that favor... and you'll need one for the shelf and another one and yet another one... (LOL). I spotted the elves, hope they behave - one of them is eagerly reading the documents, hope this won't lead into any trouble... ;O)


Margriet said...

Birgit, the other elf is on top of the cage with the naughty dragon....I'm more concerned about that!!! LOL

And there's always space for more dragons ;-)
Are you already working on dragons again Nicky?? :-)

Nicky CC said...

yes yes yes! It is dragon hatching day today! :)) now the weather is cooler :) What height is the gap at the bottom of your fireplace Margriet?

Margriet said...

The gap is in the middle 1,3 cm Nicky! I have 2 of your dragons that fit...but they don't want to leave their nice spot on the sorceres's bed LOL