Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dragons and mice

Sssst...please be quiet!!!
Stay still and don't talk too loud...
he might fly away!!
I will open the lid very carefully...... 
Do you see him???
This is newest purchase  
Zachyrius likes to hide in Kaida's treasure chest...
he's a bit shy
Zachyrius is another one of Nicky's wonderful creations!!
He came with box and all the gold!!!
Look....he's a real tiny one!!!

I also bought a little mouse and a bottle of demon phlegm from Nicky.
The little shy mouse you see hiding behind the candle is a gift by Nicky...
 soooo sweet!!! Thank you Nicky!!!

And today this dragon arrived!!!
It is a gift from Emma.
She said he wanted to live with the other dragons in the dragon tower!!!
He immediately started takling to the dragon in the chestnut shell.
But when I asked he was very willing to pose for the camera  
Thank you Emma, he's wonderful!!!


Jollie said...

Ohhh het is dus meer een schatjeskist lol! ;-)
Wat een schatje is dat zeg!
En het draakje van Emma heeft zijn plekje wel gevonden bij Kaida in de toren, lief van Emma om hem naar jou toe te sturen :-)

Liefs Jollie

BiWuBär said...

Not a surprise at all you grabbed him... (LOL) - wonderful purchases, all of them. And that dragon is a lovely addition, maybe he's a little vain as my Igor about the size of his wings, but he's beautiful. Does Emma have a blog?

Flutterby + Birgit

Daydreamer said...

MORE Dragons!!! (What do you have to feed them?) The little blue fellow is the Cutest one so far... I LOVE him! (But I love blue anyway!) I look forward to seeing them all together in the Tower.... no fighting? Your collection is amazing!

Margriet said...

Thank you ladies!!
Birgit, Emma's blog can be found here:

Betsy...I'm not sure what the dragons eat...but I spotted some mice in the tower and the white owl of the neighbours has dissapeared! No fighting so far...Kaida has them well trained :-)

Anonymous said...

poepies die muizen!