Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gifts and....................dragons ;-)

The mailman brought some wonderful mail today!!!

I will not be home for my birthday this year,
so my friend Nella already sent me a birthdaygift
She gave me a wonderful knitted little black owl!!!!
He immediately flew to the owls on the sign board,
but he looked a little bit dissapointed when he saw the were wooden fake owls
Luckily there are a lot of other owlfriends to find in the tudor house!!
Thank you Nella, he's wonderful and I'm very happy with him!!!

The mailman also brought a package...
I'm a bit afraid to tell you...
so I will show it..... 
 Yessssssssssssssssssssssss, more dragons!!!!!!!!!!
I just couldn't restrain myself...
they are sooooo cute
The bottle and the little wooden box are gifts by Nicky!

This is Meddler, he's soooooooooo beautiful!!!

And this little mouse and dragon are best friends!!! 
Do you see that little mousehand...touching the dragon's face???
Sooooo cute!!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I can see why you couldnt resist, I love them all, but the red one on the potion jar I really adore! Lucky you! Kate xx

BiWuBär said...

Guess who couldn't resist Nicky's newest creations yesterday??? Teheee... But we are not to be blamed - is it our fault that they are a) adorable and b) so small that there is always a little room left for them... ;O)

Have a wonderful holiday - and Flutterby and I would like many funny photos of you-know-who!


P.S.: Ahhh, this dragon addiction... I almost forgot to say: That owl is a real cutie.

Margriet said...

Wich one did you buy Birgit??? My favorites were Pickle and Duninn ;-)
And you're right...it is all Nicky's fault hahahahahaha
And I'll do my best with you-know-who ;-)

Sab said...

Hi M-tje..jarig??? Waneer ben jij jarig???

Lief cadeautjes en goed dat je jezelf af en toe ook ff kietel, werk van Nikki is prachtig!


Margriet said...

17 augustus Sabje ;-) En dan hoop ik lekker met mijn blote voetjes in de Dordogne te zitten :-)

Belén. said...

How cute the dragon ♥ I love the last one =) I didn't know about your blog... and now that i'm here, i'm your follower! Ü
You have a lot of beautiful things to see, so many dragons ♥♥

sylvia said...

Wat een fantastisch kadootje en de draakjes vind ik zoooo lief!!!!
Alvast een hele leuke verjaardag gewenst en geniet van je vakantie

xx Syl

Sandra from Sydney said...

Gorgeous dragons - I love them!