Thursday, October 13, 2011


This morning I made 2 more tables for my little marketplace!
This way I have a lot of space for animals and other stuff 
And then it was time for the pillory!!!
Very quickly I found a victim
with whom I could take the right measurements
for the holes, height etc.
Do you want to see his backside??  
I have to make hinges on the upper board,
so the poor soul can be freed at some time!
And of course everything has to be painted!!!


SaMiRa73 said...

Yeah!!!! I really don´t know another hobby in which someone can express all his personality´s facettes so well :-) Wouldn´t be able to say if I like the front side better or the back side, but one thing´s for sure: this is going to be a marvellous place!

Margriet said...

Thank you Sandra! It's the best hobby ever!!! :-)

Sans! said...

Your settings are always hilarious, Margriet, in a fabulous way of course! I just love coming here to see what your cheeky head has come up with this time :).

Very cute backside by the way! teehee

Maria Ireland said...

What a fantastic scene. You have such a great imagination i love watching your work.
Hugs Maria

Patty said... it! Your little market place is going to be wonderful!

Catherine said...

That skeleton in the pillory is just too funny! I love how well he fits it. It is going to be such a great market place.

Margriet said...

Thank you ladies..your comments really mean a lot to me :-)

Catherine...I had to do mayor surgery on him before he fitted perfectly!!! The bodyparts were flying through the room hahahaha
One scary moment....he turned his head all by himself when I put him in the scared the hell out of me!!!! LOL

Daydreamer said...

Margriet, I LOVE the skeleton in the pillory! You must leave him there.... he was SO bad he never got let out!!! This market is wonderful!

BiWuBär said...

You never stop to amaze me - and a good choice of the victim model *teehee*


Rosamargarita said...

Wow! The poor little thig! (your model) ;)
A hug

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Yes you must leave him heehee. Wonderful!


Eliana said...

Oh my God! They left the poor man for a long time in the punishment! Lol
I really like the new tables.

Catherine said...

If he had done that to me. I would have flushed his head down the loo! LOL