Thursday, November 24, 2011

Working hard!!!

I'm very quiet in Blogland,
but I'm working hard!!!!

Both my son and daughter moved from their small bedrooms
on the first floor to the bigger attic rooms!
So we are moving lots of furniture
and are wallpapering and painting!
Both their rooms are ready now!
The room my daughter is in now was my workroom...
All my dollhouses, rooms, scenes
and all my materials were in that room!!!

So everything had to be moved......

Into the old room of my son...
We first put new wallpaper on the wall
before we placed my stuff there  
This will be my new workroom

In our own bedroom we temporarily
placed the rest of my stuff 
And in the hallway is some more

My daughter's old bedroom is almost finished!!! 
Here I will put all my houses,
rooms and miniature scenes!

I'm going to IKEA this morning
to buy some new chests of drawers
(and probably some more nice things )

So the next few days I will be putting
everything in my new rooms!!!
That will be fun


adrie said...

wat een werk,maar leuk om je kamer met poppenhuis spullen weer opnieuw in te richten.
groetjes adrie

Daydreamer said...

What FUN! How Exciting! There is nothing like a move (even in the same house!) to make one re-organize and see everything with New eyes! And New furniture is Always fun!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Happy moving :) How nice to have a room just for your houses.


Angela said...

Hi there--
I just came across your blog for the first time. You've done a great job! Love it! How exciting to have a room just for your miniatures. Good luck with "moving" and getting settled in. :-)

BiWuBär said...

Oh my - you're really working hard. But how exciting - a room just for your houses. Not sure if Virginia Woolfe was thinking about that when writing "A room of her own" (LOL). I really envy you and only hope E-beertje won't claim a room just for him now... ;O)

Happy moving and renovating!

Maria Ireland said...

Thats wonderful a room for your houses. Have fun moving lol even if its only a floor down :D
Hugs Maria

Norma said...

Wow, you are busy! It looks like this will be a nice room to work in.

Jollie said...

Jeetje mineetje wat een enorme interne verhuizing zeg!! pffff... maar het ziet er veel belovend uit!! :-)

Liefs Jollie

Sans! said...

I wish I have your energy and enthusiasm when it comes to painting or redecorating the house. I use to really love doing it but not since I sprained my back house cleaning 3 days in a roll and then not walking properly for almost 3 months! LOL.

Coming from your later post, I already saw the "after" . It's really inspiring ! Shall be ordering the dump truck soon for some spring cleaning!