Monday, December 19, 2011

Lady mice

Since january 2011 I'm following the blog
On this blog Marian shows the mice
she has made for her project.
The goal is to make 365 mice in 2011!
She just made Mouse 10 to go!!!
In July she put 2 mice on her blog she didn't want to work on anymore
and asked if there was someone who wanted to have them!
These 2 mice......

I was the only one who was interested,
so a few days later I found them in my mailbox

I immediately knew I wanted to finish them this year,
because Marian's project only lasted this year too...
but how??????

It took me 5 months before I knew
what I wanted to do with them

In my stash were some dollshouse dolls.... 

And then it went quickly... 

I'm proud to present to you.....
Maria and Anne Muis! 
Two best friends with big hearts,
because they were just finished
and already they adopted my little orphan mouse
that was laying in a box for years!!

Isn't she cute???
I have bought her some years ago on a fair.
She's made by Ria Odijk.

The three of them already found a nice place where they can stay!
In the lavender shop!
I think they look just right there!!! 


Monika said...

Das sind aber nette Damen... und so modebewusst. Wirklich gut ausgestattet.

Ganz liebe Weihnachtsgrüße sendet

PuNo / Monika

Sans! said...

Hawhawhawwww! :)

Margriet, may I give you a resounding applause for such a grand introduction! No 2 mice have ever made me smile as wide as I did today. I know what they look like in their underwear!...........skinny :)

The lavender store is really perfect for them. What do you think they will say to the skeleton when he walks in for his toiletries?

Margriet said...

Danke Monika! Ich wünsche dir auch schöne Weihnachten!

Sans, the mice ladies are so sweet, I'm sure they will help Hector choose the right products for his bones hahahahaha

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Great job on the mice! They look right at home in your lavender store and the baby is so cute ;)


Drora's minimundo said...

Never thought I'd love mice but your lady mice are adorable.

BiWuBär said...

Everything fits together... so nice of you to adopt this poor couple of mice - your makeover is fantastic and they fit perfect in your lavender shop.


Sjoukje said...

Ze zijn geweldig Margriet. Perfect voor de lavendelwinkel.


Jollie said...

Ha ha ha wat ontzettend goed bedacht van je!!
Ze zijn zoooo schattig geworden :-)

Liefs Jollie