Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A bit boring ;-)

Not the most fun or entertaining thing I have shown you...
but's amazing what it does to my tudor house! least it is for me.....
maybe you won't even notice it

Today I glued wooden slats around the base
on which the house is standing.
And I glued the barge boards on the gable ends!

Now almost all the bare wood is covered!
I only have to think of a solution for the roof ridge!
But it's already looking very nice

And I glued really small stones on the roof of the attic door!
So that's finished too! 


otterine said...

Looks great! I fully understand the tiny finishing details that make the project come to life.

Erica said...


Catherine said...

It looks FANTASTIC!!!! Those little finishing things make all the difference! It is a wonderful house!

Sans! said...

How can this be boring?? No where near, my friend. Your Tudor house is built entirely by you ? Impressed doesn't even begin to describe the admiration I have for you I really love it! A lot, a lot, a lot!!!

Maria Ireland said...

It is wonderful I love the stones on the attic roof perfect.
Hugs Maria

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

It looks lovely!


Mini Minnie said...

It's looking fantastic! I love the attic door roof!

BiWuBär said...

No boredom around here - please try again by showing your newest details, every single one... ;O)


sylvia said...

Het zijn de minder leuke klusjes maar maakt het wel af! Mooi hoor, klaar voor de tentoonstelling in Drachten.
Liefs Syl