Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Club, stairs and Mouse house books

Today we had another meeting of our dollshouseclub.
This time we went to Ineke
and she had prepared the workshop we did today!
We made printer's drawers...
The empty one has to be painted and filled.
But as you can see...
Ineke gave us enough to fill 10 more
The hearts, bottle and lady bug were gifts too!

Ineke was having a sale,
so I've bought some miniatures too... 
The plastic tootbrush container was a gift too.
It will make a nice display case!

When I was home again
I stained the stair gates
and when they were dry,
I glued them in the house!

And I received my ordered books.
A 1:12 and a 1:24 scale version of the Mousehouse book!
Made by my friend Edith

Hugs, Margriet


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The printer's drawers look like a fun project.
I love your new miniatures :) The house is looking wonderful and the Mousehouse books are precious ;)


BiWuBär said...

We truly understand why you had to take home those gorgeous miniatures - and what a fun project you clubbers made. The photos of the illuminated house are stunning.

Flutterby + Birgit

P.S.: Happy reading, E-beertje!

Maria Ireland said...

Looks like a fantastic club project. Beautiful gifts and buys. The house looks great with the lights.
Hugs Maria

Crafter's Delights said...

How wonderful! It's going to be a great project! I wish there was a dollhouse club in my area! xoxo, Amy

Eliana said...

Great workshop! Your purchases have been excellent! Enjoy!

Ascension said...

Que bien que tengais un taller para hacer esas maravillas.
Muy buenas compras.
Me encanta como esta quedando tu proyecto.
besitos ascension