Monday, May 28, 2012

Tree house

I'm working on a new project, the Market Cross.
I was so delighted when I bought the kit...
Dolls House Emporium didn't make these kits anymore
and I bought one of the last ones!
But when I opened it at home I was very dissapointed!!!
This couldn't be a 1:12 dollshouse!!!
It was far too small and they forgot to make the window holes :-(

It dissapeared into the box again and stood on my workroom for months!
In the meantime  I kept buying little dragons for my Dragontower,
but it was filling up with those lovely creatures made by Nicky!
So I needed something to put more dragons in LOL

Out came the box and after a lot of grumbling and thinking
I decided I would turn it into a 1:24 witchesroom.
Some of the dragons are small enough for half scale,
so they can move into the new project!

And with a new half scale project I could ask
my little friend E-beertje if he wanted to help me,
that way I could write stories about him again!!!

So we started building!
On my little friend E-beertje's blog
we tell you all about the building of the Market Cross.

Some pictures of the building proces...


SaMiRa73 said...

Haha! Very clever idea :-), what a wonderful home for your dragons! The floor looks just gorgeous! Hugs, Sandra

Audra said...

What a great idea! I have not seen something like this before. Your floor is wonderful!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love the steps! You have turned the Market Cross into an awesome project and I am sure E-beertje is one happy bear :)


BiWuBär said...

The very best part about building this wonderful house is being able to work with E-beertje and show stories with him... we really missed our buddy - and we're always amazed who well the two of you work togehter. E-beertje has brilliant ideas like a spider web floor and you got the brilliant skills to build it... ;O) We can't wait to see how this will continue!


Maria Ireland said...

Fantastic project it will be a wonderful place for your dragons. I love the stairs.
Hugs Maria

Sans! said...

Salute to architect you and E(ngineer)-beertje ! The house turned out amazing. I saw the flooring and thought well, maybe it came with the kit. How else can you make it such a perfect fit????!! And then that staircase! Shooot! Wish I had thought of that :). I went and read the box and no, the floor and the staircase not included.

So are you making stairs for the outside too or there's a rope from a window? E-beertje looked super relax after a hard's day work :). All he needs is a cold glass of beer!

Ilona said...

Hi Margriet! Wat een perfecte oplossing voor het probleem met deze kit. Jammer dat het niet was wat je ervan verwacht had!! Maar je hebt het ingenieus opgelost, pardon....E-beertje heeft dat mooi uitgevonden ;)
Ook de trap is een prima oplossing, knap bedacht.
Fijn weekend, Ilona