Friday, June 7, 2013

M-huis - hobbykamer/craftroom

Zoek de verschillen :-)
Spot the differences :-)

Heb niet heel veel gedaan, maar de stoel is geverfd en bekleed,
het hangkastje is geverfd en de grote kast heeft greepjes gekregen.
Meer meubels zullen in dit kamertje niet komen,
dus ik zou kunnen beginnen aan accessoires...
maar daar heb ik geen zin in,
dus ik ga lekker verder met een andere kamer ;-)

I didn't do much, but the chair is painted and upholstered,
the wall cabinet is painted
and the drawers of the cabinet now have handles.
I don't think there will be more furniture in this room,
so I could start with the accessories...
but I don't want to,
so I'm going to start with another room ;-)

Bye/Doei, Margriet


trompke said...

Groot gelijk. Dat doen wat je leuk vindt. Best wel veel gedaan vind ik. Maar ja, ik doe helemaal niks met mini tegenwoordig.

Lady Jane said...

chair looks nice.

Pippibär said...

I am relieved that I am not the only one who begins many rooms and not make one finished after another.
The chair looks great!

Daydreamer said...

This house is very Fascinating to me, Margriet! I LOVE the color in that room.... and the furniture is very Utilitarian ... but also very interesting in the different shapes! The arrangement of the rooms is unusual, being open on the side of the house... so you can see into another room behind.... I am very curious to see the next room started! You can take your time with the accessories.... but I look forward to seeing everything you want to put in there! The "Story" this house is about is intriguing!

BiWuBär said...

Fantastic progress! And although I'm curious to see all that nice stuff that will bring life to this gorgeous room I don't mind seeing pogress in another room... ;O)


Roelie said...

Margriet, wat leuk dat je nu bent begonnen aan het M-huis. Heel apart wat je met de inrichting gaat doen maar zeker ook heel origineel.

Groetjes, Roelie

Giac said...

Hello Margriet,
It is just lovley. The new paint job on the furniture looks great. I agree that the room does not need more furniture. It looks very balance. I cannot wait to see it full of accessories, or the next roombox.
Big hug,

Anonymous said...

Love the choice of purple and the chair looks so sweet :)

Jollie said...

Het blijft een hele mooie combinatie wit met paars :)
Stoeltje is erg mooi geworden en de greepjes zijn ook erg leuk!

Sans! said...


And now splatter, splatter, splatter! I shall sneak in to spot check ! :)