Friday, January 7, 2011

The library

Next room is the library!
With the wizard's workroom, this is my favorite room of the tudor house!

It's not a big room, but nice and cozy!
I would love to sit there and read a thriller or ghoststory

I made this bookcase myself and I'm very pleased with it.
It only needs handles on the doors,
but I haven't found the perfect ones yet!

The cabinet with the skull collection!'ve got to collect something...don't you?

A beautiful gift from Sabiha.
I've put the tableleg under it!
The skull on the right..with the candle on top.. isn't by Sabiha.
There was a kettle on that spot first,
but the kettle is now in the wizard's workroom.

The little owl in the middle was the beginning of a still growing collection of miniature owls!
I bought it years ago in Paris!

The little balcony net to the library.
In the corner stands a black Buddleia
and on the bench are a black hyacint and black daisies!


sylvia said...

Gaaf hoor, het is een prachtig huis!!
Leuk om nou eens de details goed te bekijken.
Liefs Syl

Mincka said...


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

My favourite has to be the wonderful bookcase you made yourself, its beautiful! Kate xxx

Sans! said...

The bookcase seals it for me . You are amazing! :).

Like your wizard, I am a collector and if I love owls the way he does, I will amass a collection like his :). Once upon a time, I collected skulls too but that stopped quite quickly. You must agree that they are not as pretty as owls :).