Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merlijn's bedroom

This is the bedroom of the wizard's son Merlijn. 

This is Merlijn!
He only needs some clothes and hair 
The doll is made by Debbie Dixon-Paver
I made the bean bag and the guitar.

This is Merlijn's bed.
I made it.
The bedspread is missing,
my mother is making it a bit bigger!

The bear rug was made by me!
The little black kitten is Merlijn's pet.

And of course there are plenty of toys in Merlijn's room!


A Little More Minis said...

Het hele Tudor huis is echt in een woord prachtig!! ;)
Mooi hoor die gitaar die je hebt gemaakt.

Lieve groetjes, Jollie

Sans! said...

Then I did a double take when I read that you made the guitar. The cow and the bear are already spectacular, but the guitar??!!! Sheeesh!

Not only are you funny, you are super skilful,my favourite mix in a miniaturist.