Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stork's nest

I've made a stork's nest on the roof of the tudor house!
This way I can lift the loose part of the roof easier.
And it is always nice if a bird makes its nest near your home!

...when we were eating, a uninvited guest arrived and he settled in the nest!
I wanted to put some nestmaterial in the nest, but I'm afraid to come near!!!
Look what's in the nest!!!

The skeletons are really very small,
so I think they are gnomes or kobolds.
So that's a relief

Anyone have an idea what I can put on the other loose roofpart???


Catherine said...

Oh WOW!!! That is just fantastic. LOL I love it. haha

A Little More Minis said...

Well... lets see... that's a bit of a pain the...butt! But he eats the right food, so I would be worried about the wizzard family...
A stork is another story, that is a risk... I believe.
I think a cute little dragon and her baby in a nest?
(Ik moest dit even in het Engels doen Margriet, tja, soms denk ik in het Engels... lol!)

Liefs, Jollie

adrie said...

wat leuk margriet,hoe kom je toch aan zo,n leuk idee?
groetjes adrie

Margriet said...

geen idee Adrie, het komt gewoon in me op LOL

Jollie...dat heb ik ook wel eens...maar dan in het Fries hahahaha