Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The wizard's workroom

First I want to show you the workroom of the wizard!

The chest has yet to be stained!

The black dragon was a gift by my 2 children!

This cabinet was the start of my tudor house!
I bought it on a dollshouse fair in Arnhem.
The cat, owls and vase on top of the cabinet are added by me!
I made a room for the cabinet and filled it with other magical miniatures,
but soon the room was too small!
So I started building my tudor house,
a house I wanted to build for some years already, but never did!
And now I can fill a whole house with magical miniatures!

The phoenix is made by Akke Ris

The wizard's desk!
Dobby is made by an English dollmaker,
but I don't now her name!

The wizard's table.


Catherine said...


It is just fantastic! I love the room in a Tudor setting. The wizards table is perfect! I want to climb in the picture and carefully look at everything on that table. :-)

A Little More Minis said...

Wauw wat mooi zeg, zelfs Dobey zie ik terug op een van de foto's, de huiself ;)

Groetjes Jollie

Gonda said...

Ik heb niets met heksen maar het huis met verlichting is prachtig.

Margriet said...

geluukig maar dat er verschil in smaak is Gonda...anders werd het allemaal zo saai ;-)
maar gelukkig vind je het huis wel mooi!!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

So pleased to have found your wonderful blog, this is an amazing house I love it all. The house design itself is so unusual and how youve decorated and filled it is great, cant wait to see more! Kate xx