Sunday, February 27, 2011

Update, purchases and gifts

Friday I went with my friend Hanny to Leeuwarden.
We wanted to visit another friend of ours, Petra, who lies in the hospital again!

Hanny came to pick me up and before we went, she wanted to see the tower and my lavender shop.
And she gave me 2 wonderful gifts for my lavender shop!

Beautiful lavender and a soap chain...both made by Hanny! 

Before we went to the hospital we went shopping in Leeuwarden!
We visited a wonderful hobbyshop..."De Duif" (The Dove). many wonderful things!!!
And I found some things I can use for miniatures!
These things are meant for scrapbooking,
but I'm sure I can find another use for it

The little lock is perfect for the birdcage in my tudor house...
I still wasn't happy with the one I got earlier!

I couldn't resist the clockfaces and clockhands...
I will at least make 1 clock for my tower!
And the compass is a template...
that will come in handy too!!!

But of course I worked on the tower too!!!!
On thursday I made the holes for the doors and windows!

It really helped...your ideas and tips!
I'm not quite sure about all the details yet,
but I'm not stuck anymore, so...
thank you so much!!!

Yesterday I glued tissue on the out- and inside of the panels!
It doesn't look very pretty now,
but it will be allright...
trust me!!! 
The tower will be a good practice for me to age the plasterwork!!
my tudor house is still very white and has to be aged too...
but I'm a bit scared to do so!
But I'm sure when I've aged the tower...
the house will be a piece of cake


BiWuBär said...

Great progress - you're busy as a bee... ;O) The presents you received are perfect for your shop - and that scrapbooking stuff is great for many projects. And now, carry on - we want to see news about your projects... hurry up!!! LOL!!!

Have a great week!
Flutterby + Birgit

Catherine said...

I have found lots of things to use for miniatures in scrapbooking stores. Those keys are wonderful.

You are making great progress with your new project.

Sans! said...

You need not be afraid of aging anything, Margriet, your work is fabulous! The beauty of aging is that you can keep painting over them till you are happy :).

Those are wonderful finds . I like window shopping at scrapbooking stores too but have decided that this year, I shan't buy too much material since I have stocked up in the past 2 years, enough for the next 20!!

Anonymous said...

Jij en Hanny zijn allebei knapperds! Dat minaturen ik heb er respect voor. Prachtig

cockerina said...

I see that the tower is going well .. lavender is wonderful!
and ... thanks for the translator! will now be easier for me, and I think for many, reading your blog! kisses, Caterina

Jollie said...

Ik loop alweer een eind achter merk ik wel... ;)
Gaaf wordt het zeg (ik heb de bovenste post ook al gezien hoor ;-P)

Ik wou dat ze hier een scrapbook winkeltje hadden... ach, ja... gelukkig hebben we internet en hou ik niet van tijd en klokken zal ik dan maar zeggen he? (voordat ik ooit toch nog eens de neiging ga ontwikkelen om jaloers te worden lol!)

Leuke kadootjes heb je gekregen voor je lavendelshop!! Dat zeepkoord vind ik echt geweldig!! Leuk bedacht.

Even een vraagje... moet er eerst tissue op het mdf voordat je gaat pleisteren?? Dat het beter hecht? of is dat voor een speciaal effect te creeren?

Liefs Jollie

Margriet said...

Jollie, ik doe eerst tissue omdat je dan een mooi sturctuurtje op je muur krijgt...dus het hoeft niet hoor!
Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments :-) don't want to know how big my stash is ;-) So I'm buying less and less!!! It's a sport to make as much as possible with what you have! Only these clockparts were so wonderful, I just had to buy them LOL

cockerina said...

I also have a box full of things bought, I could build two homes with them! But when I like something, I buy the same, you never know... :))