Monday, February 28, 2011

Update tower

yesterday I painted all the panels...
But it was a bit boring to show you..
so I waited until now to make a new post about the tower

This morning I cleaned the sides of the panels,
so they would fit again in the lantern!
I wanted to glue them,
but they fit so tightly...
I don't think they will ever come out again

This morning I made stairs! 

And this is where they will be placed! 
And that's all I did so far


sylvia said...

Helemaal gaaf, alleen zooooo WIT ha, ha

Margriet said...

Komt wel goed Syl!!! Wil eerst het balkonnetje nog maken, dan kan alles in 1 keer ;-)

Jollie said...

Heel erg mooi!!!! Nu zie ik de structuur ook van je tissues, dus begrijp ik waarom je dat eerst deed, goed bedacht!! :)
Tis ook zeker een roltrap dat je die zo snel in elkaar hebt gezet (die gaan sneller als gewone trappen, maar da's wel heel super melig nu hé?)

Liefs Jollie

Sans! said...

Margriet, did you make that stairs from scratch? I am curious :).

The tower is so neat and white now, is it for a very neat and clean person? ;p

BiWuBär said...

You're so fast, you'll be finished a long time before me - even though I started ages ago... LOL

Let's wait and see what you're doing with these walls, I don't believe they will stay that white... ;O) But who knows - maybe that witch/wizard is editor of "Prettier Liferoom for magic people", the latest lifestyle magazine in the magic world...


Gonda said...

Erg mooi Margriet,ziet er al erg goed uit.
En het lavendel winkeltje, erg leuk met al die kleine versieringen zelfs een zeepketting.

Daydreamer said...

Your Tower is looking GREAT, Margriet! I love that you are using a structure that was NOT originally to be a dolls house! You are adding wonderful details! I think it is going to be fantastic when it is done!