Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another tower update!!!

Yesterday I made a floor for the tower,
but after I had painted it (used a lot of water),
the floor warped enormously!!!
So I let it dry the whole night with some weights on it.....

and this morning luckily the floor was straight again
So I glued it in the tower and while I was at work,
I put the bottles on it again
and when I got home it was nicely stuck

I wanted to put some details on before I started to age the tower,
but I was so fed up with those white walls....
I made a wash with some paint and lots of water and put it on!
it is much more yellow then on the picture
(it looks more like the first picture I took yesterday evening!)
But the color looks kind of good with the color of the wood of the lantern!
And it isn't as white as it was!!!
I'm going to age it some more,
but I first have to do some research
as to where the really dirty spots should go!
I'm guessing in the corners!!!

I took another picture..it shows a bit better the right color!
I put a piece of white paper next to the stairs!

And the stairs are glued in also!!!
Next I will make the first floor!

Love this project...it's a bit like a over-sized Tardis

Oh....and I changed my mind!!!
No owls in this tower!!!
Well, maybe 1 or 2
I was lying in bed sundaynight and I couldn't sleep...
and suddenly I saw in my mind a dragon lying in the attic of the tower!!!
The sorceress loves dragons and the dragon in the attic is her best friend!
She flies on her back when she has to go grat distances.
I bought a little dragon in a chestnutshell some time ago
and the dragon in the attic will be his mom
I want to try to make the dragon myself...
that will be a challenge

This is the babydragon I bought from Feythcrafts.
I love it..he's soooooo sweet


Catherine said...

The tower is looking wonderful! I would have freaked out if the whole floor warped.

I had a piece of wood from a kit that was sort of warped and twisted when I got it. I dampened a paper towel put the wood peice between the paper and ironed over it. LOL Then added some weight to keep it flat while it dried. It worked great!

The dragon is so cute!

adrie said...

het word leuk margriet,en mooi gemaakt hoor.blijf je volgen
groetjes adrie

Gonda said...

Je gaat lekker snel, en het draakje, wat een lief onschuldig koppie.

WolTroll said...

Margriet, wat heb jij een tempo erin, zeg! Al je blogs en websites bijhouden, reacties geven. En dan ook nog knutselen...
En waar haal je al die ideeën steeds vandaan?
De toren wordt leuk. Vanochtend nog een hoop lantaarns zien staan in het tuincentrum. Eentje was zeker een meter hoog, vier verdiepingen! Moest eventjes aan jou denken :D

Julianna said...

The tower looks gorgeous!

BiWuBär said...

Dragons... yeah, that's great! And who could ever resist one of Traci's baby dragons - well, not me, that's for sure. I bought one last summer and it will get a lovely place in Magica's tower, together with all of her other "magical" animals. I think you will still have some space for owls... really!


Anonymous said...

scheetje, dat draakje! Mooi om te volgen dat de lantaarn langzaam maar zeker transformeert tot toren...

Daydreamer said...

The Tower looks Beautiful! I LOVE your baby Dragon! The Owls will need a safer place than the attic or they might end up as Dragon snacks!

Sans! said...

I see now with the contrasting white board that the colour on your walls is "cream" ? I like it a lot. You know Margriet, don't worry too much about what spots to dirty. Yes, usually the floor part tends to be more so but really , I have seen soooooooo many old rooms and the part that is stained/rotting/peeling and torn can really be almost anywhere. Just feel free and go a little crazy. I know you will do a fine job!

Debbie said...

Tracie's Dragons are fantastic.. Love the look of your Tower..

Jollie said...

Het schiet al lekker op zie ik :)
Ik vind het een lief draakje, maar ben benieuwd hoe die moeder wordt... doet me een beetje aan Avatar denken, als zij op die 'draak' rond vliegt!

Liefs Jollie

Margriet said...

Thank you all for your nice comments..they mean a lot to me!!!
And Sans..thank you for your trust in my abilities :-)
Wolltrol..een toren van 4 verdiepingen..hmm, klinkt ook wel erg leuk LOL En waar ik mijn ideeën vandaan haal?? Weet ik echt niet....gebeurt gewoon!
Birgit...I bought another babydragon a few days ago ;-)