Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update Give-Away E-beertje!

I'm posting here a message
E-beertje has published on his own blog!

Hello everyone

I'm already 2 years old for 10 days.....
not noticing anything different actually....
I'm still the same wildly attractive little bear as I've been for the last 2 years

But...euh...did you join my give-away????

Until the 3th of april you can leave a comment at this post
or at the other one about my give-away,
if you want to give Pjotr a new home!!!
You can read here all about it!!!

But there is more news.....

Today M-tje showed up with another orphaned little bear.....

She is still very small and sleeps a lot!
M-tje says her name is Butterfly...isn't that sweet??? 

So if you want to give Pjotr or Butterfly a new home....
leave a comment at this post, or any other one about this give-away..
M-tje will sort everything out!!!

(pfffffffffff )

And if you want to have a second chance for getting Pjotr or Butterfly..
put the link or a post on this give-away on your own blog
and let us know that you did!!!

This give-away will end on the 3th of April
and on the 4th of April I will let you know to whom these 2 bears will go!

Big hug, E-beertje


TINK - SONIA said...

So lovely bears,I love them!!! Congratulations for your second blog-anniversary and I would love to participate in your sweet giveaway and I'll put the link on my blog too.Mini regards.

Drora's minimundo said...

I would love to give them a home. Please count me in for this very cute giveaway.

Patty said...

Wonderful little bears! Congratulations on your anniversary #2. I would love to participate!

Jollie said...

Wat lief dat je nog een beertje erbij weggeeft :)

Liefs Jollie