Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update tower - april 6, 2011

It's not going as fast as in the beginning....
but I'm still working on the tower now and then

This afternoon I dirtied the balcony so it would blend in with the rest!
And while I was at it....
I gave the grotesques also a matching color

On the attic floor I suggested floorboards by making lines with a needle.
There will be a dragon living in the attic...
so the floor will hardly be visible!!!

And on top of the roof I painted a compass.
I used a template,
but I had to repare the painting by hand,
because a lot of paint went under the template!
But I'm happy with the result!


Jollie said...

Lekker bezig weer zie ik wel...
Mooi hoor de kompas op het dak, wat een goed idee :) Ook het balkon ziet er nu beter uit ;)
Ben toch wel benieuwd naar die draak die er komt te wonen hoor...

Liefs Jollie

BiWuBär said...

So many progress - that compass is a lovely idea. You probably remember I'm a big fan of templates, too... ;O) But I'm very curious, what's that peeping in the entrance - a dragon carpet? Could I have a closer look at this, pleeeeeeaaaaaaase?


Sans! said...

Wow your tower is really transformed ! I can barely recognise it :). The compass is a marvellous idea and very well executed!