Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A new project...yesss, another one!!!

This morning I started a new project!
Yesterday a friend gave me some measurements and
I knew there were pictures of the 1:12th version in 2 dutch dollshouse magazines.
So I started measuring and drawing and sawing....
and when I got the basics ready...
I called E-beertje!
Ooooooooh M-tje...
it's a 1:24 beach cabin!!!!
I wanted one so much!!!
The one I saw at your friend Sylvia was so lovely,
but a little bit too big for me...
but this one is just perfect!!!
Can I go in???

Euh....not yet sweet boy...
it doesn't have a door
But we can fix that!
Cooooooool!!! I love it M-tje!
And I will study all the pictures...
and then I will get you a list with all the things I want in it

That's okay sweet boy!

And euh...M-tje???


With a beach cabin....
there should be a beach...
so when the cabin is finished,
will I be able to walk with my bare feet in the sand??

Yes E-beertje...I will take care of that

Hugs, M-tje and E-beertje


Chris said...

Weer een nieuw project, wat leuk!!

BiWuBär said...

We already love your new project... a beach house is always fun. And we really envy E-beertje, being a bear with his own private beach... lucky guy!

Flutterby + Birgit

Catherine said...

I love those beach houses. It should really be fun. I look forward to watching how you finish it. :-)

Jollie said...

Oh wat gaaf!! Wat een ontzettend leuk nieuw project Margriet :)
Kan me voorstellen dat E-Beertje er erg blij mee is hoor :)

Liefs Jollie

Freubs said...

What a nice project. E-beertje is lucky to have a mum like you LOL. I send you an email.

Love and hugs

Melissa's miniaturen said...

O leuk Margriet.
Ik ben benieuwd hoe die gaat worden.
Wel even afmaken hoor.Anders moeten we zo lang wachten.hahaha