Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update beach cabin

I've been working on the beach cabin again today!
E-beertje was not to be seen anywhere...
I think he was beachcombing...
or making a list of what he wants in his cabin!

But when I was ready with wallpapering the inside of the cabin,
I called him because I was curious what he would say!

Hey M-tje.....look at what I found!
Do you think i can use it in my cabin???

Maybe it will come in handy E-beertje...
but careful with it!!
But euh....
gio and have a look in your little house!!!
it is lovely!!!
My favorite color and with little hearts!!!
I love it M-tje!

Shall we put a wooden floor in M-tje...
I think it will look good in a beach cabin!

Good idea sweet boy...will you help me with the floor?

Of course M-tje!!! is a lot of work!!!

Hey...what's that underneath your cabin??

Look's a seal!!!
Can I keep it??? Please????

Well...seals aren't really pets E-beertje...
but if you are really nice to him,
I'm sure he'll come and visit you regulary

Come..let's go work on the floor again!

We did a good job M-tje!!
The floor looks wonderful...
we just have to stain it!

Where does all that stuff come from E-beertje??

I found it in your workroom M-tje!!!
I assumed I could use them for my beach cabin....
can I???

Well..allright then silly bear...
because you're such a sweetie

Hugs, M-tje and E-beertje


Jollie said...

Zo ga jij weer lekker hard zeg! hi hi, het ziet er prachtig uit. Lief dat blauwe hartjes behang, past echt goed bij een beach cabin :)

Liefs Jollie

BiWuBär said...

What a progress - but with the help of such a nice bear... we can't wait to see more. We expect that E-beertje will need a big cupboard or shelf for all the treasures he found in the workroom.

Flutterby + Birgit

Sans! said...

O my Margriet, next project already? I will never be able to catch up even if I am doing this full time :). I am sure this beach house is going to be just as fascinating as your others looking at some of the things you have found.

sylvia said...

Je gaat weer als een speer, maar hij wordt geweldig!!
Liefs Sylvia

Gonda said...

Dit is ook altijd leuk een strandhuisje, ook leuk voor E-beertje, fijne pasen.