Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update and surprises

Yesterday I went with my family to Schiermonnikoog.
(a Wadden island)
We had a wonderful day there together.
I bought a souvenir for E-beertje....
a little boat to go with his beach cabin!
E-beertje was with me too and he found some big shells
and a nice plate (button) for all the little shells he already had!
His friend Pearl wanted to try the boat...
she's very excited about this new project of ours!!!

Today I've been working on E-beertje's beach cabin again!
the whole day I've been cutting and gluing boards to the walls of the cabin!

And E-beertje????
Well......he was doing something else

When I was ready he came to see how the cabin looked!

He loved the painted floor!!!

The little pillow he has with him,
was a present by my friend Sjoukje!
I made a joke about knitting a blue pillow with an octopus on it....
and she made it!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Sjoukje, I love the little pillow...
and so does E-beertje

The first layer of paint!!!!

I want to show you another present I got....
This is Dante....a little dragon crocheted by my friend Edith!
Dante wants to live in my tower
Isn't he adorable??
Thank you Edith, I love him!!!


Catherine said...

What wonderful knitted gifts!!! Lucky you. :-))
The beach house is looking great! What a fun project that is. You can do so many different things with it that you can't do in most dollhouses. Happy Easter! XXX

Jollie said...

Wauw de muren van de beach cabin zijn echt prachtig geworden... maar inderdaad wat een werk zeg al die latjes.
Dat gehaakte draakje is zooooo schattig!!
En ook het kussentje van sjoukje vind ik erg mooi, bofkont ;)

Fijne Paasdagen!
Liefs Jollie

BiWuBär said...

We can see it coming... with this boat E-beertje will not only have his own private beach but will also need some water around... ;O) The beach house looks lovely already, especially because you had to do everyting on your own this time. Does E-beertje try to get a more chocolate-coloured fur by getting a suntan? (LOL) The presents you got are lovely, Dante will be perfect in your tower.

Happy Easter!
Flutterby + Birgit

Anonymous said...

Hahahha, geweldig die E-bear. lollig bootje en dan dat flesje spa.. Die kleine huisjes, man wat is dat toch leuk! dit wordt ook weer een snoepje.

Drora's minimundo said...

I like this cabin project. The boat looks so right under it. Nice scene.

Sans! said...

The beach house is coming along very nicely :). You have so many friends who have magic fingers. Those tiny tings they sew are wonderful. And tell E to save a place for me. I want a tan too :).