Friday, May 13, 2011

Sink and bed

On monday I made a sink for the beach cabin!
E-beertje wanted a bed....but he has to learn how to be a little bit patient

But who can say no to such a sweet little bear???
So today I made him a bed  
The duvet is tucked in neatly,
so E-beertje can use the bed in daytime as a sofa! 

I bet you he wants to stay the night in his beach cabin tonight


otterine said...

Aw, love the bed! The fabric is so wonderful! :]

Catherine said...

It really looks great too!

Jollie said...

Het aanrechtje is superleuk!
En het bed vind ik echt een bed voor in zijn beach cabin, past helemaal in de stijl ervan :)
Mooi gemaakt joh! ;)

Liefs Jollie

Susi said...

Ohhh me encanta la cama, la encuentro encantadora, el fregadero me gusta, pero esa cama es........genial¡'¡¡¡ un beso.

eastwitching said...

Hello Margriet

What an adorable blog ( I love your Waterchouse artwork - so beautiful) and your miniature houses are delightful. I see you have a nautical theme there! I am painting lots of crabs this week as I feel summery! Good luck with the Olw Barn giveaway - Alison

Sans! said...

Your magic fingers work really fast too! I see you made a sink with the right colour for Beetie!And that bed looks really plump and comfy! :)

Anonymous said...

ben zo verschrikkelijk verliefd op het aanrechtje!