Thursday, May 12, 2011

More mail!!!

This afternoon I picked up the package at the post office!
Wow..the box is huge!

Inside was a smaller box....
but the gift was still very much worth it!!!

In january I saw on Jollie's weblog "A Little More Minis"
the most beautiful fairybed, made of driftwood!
I really loved the bed and told Jollie so...
and then she offered to make me one for my sorceress tower!
Isn't that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

And today my bed arrived!!! 
It is gorgeous!!!!
I asked Jollie not to put flowers on the bed,
because I wasn't sure what colors I wanted to use for my tower!
so I might add a few details (and a mattress, sheets etc)

But I really love my bed!!!
Thank you Jollie for this wonderful gift!!! 

And she spoiled me even more..... 
With selfmade miniatures...
a cactus, shabby bowls and a wreath!
And lots of charms for E-beertje's beach cabin!!!

Paper napkins.....
especially the top one comes very handy now,
with the little beach cabin I'm working on!!!

And two tiny starfish...
also for the beach cabin of course!!! really spoiled me!!!
I'm so happy with everything,
but of course especially with the bed!!!
Thank you so much


Norma said...

Oh my, that fairy bed is just sooo beautiful! And so many little accessories for you beach house. Such an exciting parcel to receive.

BiWuBär said...

Jollie is such a lovely lady - so many wonderful gifts. And this bed is fantastic - in any meaning... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

P.S.: The sight of all this lovely dragons from Nicky and Tracy is kind of familiar *grin*

Sans! said...

Jollie's bed is inspiring! One day, I will want to build a fairy house too :)