Thursday, May 12, 2011

So much mail!!!

It was not an ordinary day today!!!
And I'm glad it was not an ordinary day ...
bcause then I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did today

The mailman delivered 2 packages this morning!

the first I opened was from  "Nicky's Doll & Critters Online Store" 
and contained a cute little dragon!
His name is Shaky!

The next package was beautifully wrapped! 
And contained the beautiful lamp I won at the give away
by Catherine of "Kilmouski and Me"

Catherine put in an extra present...
a nice frame I can use for a painting or mirror!!!
The lamp is really is so beautiful!
It stands in my tudor house now,
but it is a bit to fancy for the wizards,
so it will eventually go in another house I'm still working on!
Thank you so much Catherine...
I'm so proud to own now one of your beautiful miniatures!

Later this morning the regular mailman came by
and brought me a kit of a tapestry made of beads!
The technique is called peyote bead work.
I've bought it by  Nalladris  
I'm going to take this with me, when we go on holiday!!!
there was a little gift in the package,
and I'm sure that I will use it someday

But this wasn't everything!!!
At the postoffice was another package for me...
but that one deserves a post of its own

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