Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tragedy in the wizardhouse!

I should have know it would go wrong someday!!!
I have the dragontower located next to the wizard house
and with all those little dragons in the tower,
there had to go something wrong

And of the dragons escaped
and flew to the room of Merlin!!!
Do you see how startled the friend of Merlin is looking???

This is why.... 
Merlin's beautiful white snowowl has been eaten by this little scoundrel
All that is left are a few feathers!
The little dragon has one in his paws...
he's caught red handed!

And in the dragon tower,
the sorceress is unknowingly busy
with giving a new orphan a bath...
His name is Walter and he has a unusual bathfriend...

It's Wart, his sweet little toadfriend

Wart adores his big dragonfriend... 

Both dragons and Wart are made by Nicky, "the Mini Dragon Queen"
I received her package today

I bought also a little dagger from Nicky
and she gave me some wizard papers.maps as a gift!
Thank you're the best!!! 


Daydreamer said...

Oh Dear, Oh Dear! Poor Owl!!! Perhaps he escaped and only left a few feathers behind??? Will Merlin be happier with a little dragon? The mischievous little imp is very cute... and the Sorceress's new orphan is darling..... but he doesn't eat the toad? This witch and dragon tower could create a lot of trouble!! Lucy you to get more of Nicky's dragons!

BiWuBär said...

Drama!!! That little rascal - he needs some lessons in behaviour... I will not eat the neighbour's owl... I will not eat the neigbour's owl... *burp* I will eat the neigbour's owl again *yammy* (LOL)
I liked your little story very much - and you know I share your addiction for Nicky's dragons. I've seen on her homepage that little red handed was reserved for you - I like it how you've integrated him in your scene. And Walter is beyond cute with his toadfriend.


Sans! said...

Walter and Wart are so cute :). And I agree with Birgit, make the LRD little red dragon write 2m I won't eat any more owls lines and don't let him out of the cage till he's done.

Snowowl .......awwwwww, I feel sad for Merlin but why is he grinning?

Anonymous said...

geen happy end, want die sneeuwuil zien we dus van zn never nooit meer terug! Die pad is wel wat opdringerig he, maar het is um vergeven, want het is wel een poepie

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love Walter and Wart! I am sure the owl got away. Don't Nicky's dragons just make you smile :)


Margriet said...

Daydreamer and you think the owl got away?? I truly hope so! Maybe I will find hem again someday ;-)
Victoria, they absolutely make me smile!!! I wish I would find one in the mailbox everyday hahahaha
Birgit and Sans...I don't think dragons can write LOL
Sans...maybe Merlin's friend is grinning because she is the one who left the door open...the little rascal!! ;-) is nog een klein kansje dat de uil is ontkomen..wie weet komt hij nog wel een keer opdagen!!