Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful surprise

Last friday, when I got home from work, here was a big box waiting for me on the dining room table.
On the box I saw the name of Birgit....ooooh...I could hardly control myself to not rip the box open

Birgit and I know eachother because we follow eachother blogs.
She has a wonderful and funny blog called BiWuBären on the Blog, and one of the bears she made, Flutterby, is the main character in the stories on her blog.
We have al lot in common, Birgit and I......we love making bears and using them in our stories...we are both working on a magical tower and we are both addicted to Nicky's little dragons

In the nice card I found in the box Birgit said she thought something she made would fit perfectly in my tower, so she made one especially for me!!!
This is what I saw when I opened the box...

E-beertje wanted to open his present first!
Flutterby added it especially for him!!!

Comics about Scrooge McDuck and a very nice glass squid!!!
M-tje....I'm going to take everything to my beach cabin.....
don't disturb me for at least the next 3 hours!!!

And then it was time to open my presents.....
A beautiful dragon egg, tarot cards, 2 spectacular fairies, a magical bottle, a magic wand and the most special of all......
Maledictus de Spell, a wise sorcerer's head!!
(the hat is by Kat the hat lady)
E-beertje immediately asked the advice of Maledictus...
he wanted to know if he could use the wand to transport himself to Flutterby,
because he wanted to thank him in person for the wnderful present.
Thankfully Maledictus is very wise indeed and remained silent!!
I'm not so happy with E-beertje using a magic wand

Birgit wrote she wasn't sure if Maledictus would behave...
but he looks so friendly and innocent...
I can hardly believe he's capable to anyting naughty

There was more in the box....
lots of beautiful ornaments...I love the big leaf!! 

A few close-ups....

The fairies are almost 2 cm high and Birgit painted them herself.
Their wings are covered with fairiedust....ofcourse
 They are really stunning!!!
Thnak you so much Birgit, it was a great surprise!!!
You're a wonderful blogfriend!!!

With love, Margriet


Sans! said...

O Birgit is a wonderful and generous blog friend :). I can imagine you squealing in delight, Margriet every time you open a parcel.

minimami said...

Lovely present!

malu2 said...

Birgit, está genial!!!!!! es todo precioso.Besos.

BiWuBär said...

Ooops, we didn't see that coming although it was so obvious that E-beertje would try out the wand... teehee. Thank you for your very kind words, we're glad when we've brought some of the joy back to you two - the joy we have when visiting your or E-beertje's blog... ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit