Monday, July 11, 2011

Bookcase for the beach cabin

Today I've made a bookcase for the beach cabin!

Nothing fancy...but I like it!!
And I like it that I have so many lovely gifts
from dear (blog)friends to fill it with!!

The table and chairs are a "thrift store find'
...they will be replaced sometime!


Anonymous said...

tsss, je bent naar de ikea geweest! Past helemaal in dit lieve huisje.

Flor said...

Pero que bonita vista ( =Se antoja estar ahí!

BiWuBär said...

E-beertje really is one lucky bear... what a wonderful beach house he will have! By the way - where is he??? ;O)

Flutterby + Birgit

otterine said...

Nothing fancy? I think it's wonderful! I love the little figurine on the second shelf!

sylvia said...

Leuk, leuk en leuk!!
Mooi doorkijkje en dat wandkleed is super!!
knuf Syl

Sans! said...

I love that picture. Everything is in place. So weird that Sylvia's comment is just before mine as I was thinking of the teeny thing I made for her beach house and was just wondering if it would fit in here too. But is this house a 1/24? or 1/12?

Melissa's miniaturen said...

Wordt mooi margriet.Ben benieuwd als je kamer gevuld is.
(Met google chrome kun je wel gewoon commentaar geven)Even een tip.