Friday, July 8, 2011

The mummy returns!

Yesterday I finished the mummy...
a little bit more color and a bit of hair  
Today I made a glass case to put him in!

I think he died of a broken heart..
just look at him lying there with his hands on his heart.
It almost breaks mine  

I don't think this will be the last mummy I will make...
it was so much fun to do!!!
I'm thinking about a mermaid mummy!!
Did you know in real life they made mermaid mummy's
by attaching the upper body of a monkey to a fish's tail

Would be fun to put one of those in a miniature cabinet of curiosities


Anonymous said...

tjonge, denk ik zomaar aan een muizenmummie, snap er niks van! Mooi hoor, maar dat vind ik eigenlijk met alles wat je maakt dat het er zo enorm natuurlijk/oud/levensecht uit ziet. Knap!

SaMiRa73 said...

Ahhahahaaaa! Georgous! But I suppose this was a brave man who had a heart attack when he saw all those little dragons creeping around!

Patty said...

He came out so wonderful!!!!

Nicky CC said...

fantisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him Margriet! I was trying to make a glass coffin yesterday but gave up! I love him!!

BiWuBär said...

Awesome!!! We really hope you'll make many more, we think there's a collector for everything, why not for mummies...?! ;O) And this mermaid mummy is a wonderful idea, so - go ahead! Hurry up!!! (LOL)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Flutterby + Birgit

P.S.: We have to confess it - the first picture with that fantastic glass case reminded us of Snow-White's crystal coffin. Maybe the Seven Dwarfs sold it to your archeologist because they didn't need it anymore after marrying the prince... ;O)

Anonymous said...

Your mummy is so scary and real!

Sarah K.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Love your mummy :) He looks great in his glass case.


Sans! said...

Margriet!!! It's WONDERFUL! I declare your mummy a drop dead success, a haunting beauty a true to-die-for! :)

Make more, be it mermaid mummy or monkey mummies. I am sure they will all be great!

Mari@ said...

Amazing work. COmpliments!!

Ilona said...

Nou Margriet, voor zover een mummy een schoonheid kan zijn dan is het deze mummie wel ;0!! Ik houd niet zo van deze kant van miniaturen, maar deze is echt knap (gedaan) en beeldschoon :D!
Groetjes, Ilona

Margriet said...

dank je wel Ilona... er niet van houden en dan het toch mooi vinden....dat vind ik een geweldig compliment :-)
En tja, ik hou nu eenmaal van een beetje vreemd ;-)