Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gifts.....again ;-)

This morning my mother and i went to Ineke, a friend from our dollshouseclub.
We helped her sorting out the leather we would need for next week,
when we have another clubmeeting!

But Ineke wouldn't be Ineke if she would let us go home emptyhanded
look what she gave me....
The dolphin and slippers are for E-beertje's beach cabin of course
The dragon will find a place in my dragon tower
and I want to age the bust so it will make a nice archeological find
that will go in my collectors/archeology house.
I'm sure the rest will come in handy too!
Thak you so much Ineke!!!

But that wasn't all!!
When I got home there was a fat envelope in my mailbox
And this was in it...... (well...not E-beertje of course  ) 
My friend Petra made me a black cat for my tudor house!
And for E-beertje she brought home from her holiday to Spain
nice glas pieces she found on the beach and a body board!!! 
Pfieuw...I'm glad I learned E-beertje to swim last winter!!
He ran away to the sea the moment he saw his new bodyboard
Petra, thank you so much for these wonderful gifts!
You've made E-beertje very happy
and if he's happy..... I'm happy too


sylvia said...

Het is ook wel een vreselijke bofkontbeer, die E-beertje.
Wat een leuke kadootjes en vooral de "bodyboard"!!
Liefs Syl

Margriet said...

Nou..wat wordt hij verwend hè :-)
En ik geniet er lekker van mee LOL

BiWuBär said...

Lovely gifts - and now I'm waiting eagerly for pictures showing E-beertje on his new board... ;O)


Daydreamer said...

What sweet and thoughtful gifts from loving friends! I look forward to seeing thm in their houses!

Sans! said...

Wonderful gifts :) and I hop ewe will see how you apply them soon?

Anonymous said...

Your new black cat is wonderful, what will you name him (or her?)?

Sarah K.