Thursday, July 7, 2011

The mummy

Wanted to show you what I'm working on.....
Some time ago there was a tutorial for making a mummy in the online magazine CDHM
It looked like a fun tutorial,
so today I started with making a mummy for my M-house,
where a archeologist will live.
The mummy isn't finished yet,
but when it is I want to place it in a glass case
and put it in the house as one of the finds of the archeologist!!!


trompke said...


melissa said...

He jakkes Margriet!
Wat een griezel.
Hopelijk stinkt hij ook niet naar een mummy.

Beatriz Fernández said...

Wuau!! que bonita te quedo la momia. Me encanta!!

sylvia said...

Wat is het volgende project, een Mortuarium??
Hi, hi
Maar ik moet toegeven dat hij (of zij) wel goed gelukt is

Margriet said...

Hè jakkes...een mortuarim gaat me net wat te ver ;-) Mummies zijn al zo lang dood...dat vind ik niet meer zo luguber hahaha

Mincka said...


BiWuBär said...

I remember that great tutorial from Debbie - you've done a fantastic job! And your archeologist-project sounds exciting. I can't wait to see the finished mummy - and perhaps E-beertje in an Indiana-Jones-outfit (LOL)...


Sans! said...

Ohhhhhh, that stomach! I wish mine is as flat as that ! ;p

I am curious though, what kind of crazy archaeologist will want a mummy in his house.Is his name Brendan Fraser?