Thursday, September 29, 2011

Furniture dragon tower

It's been awhile ;-)
My notebook crashed, but I have a new one and thankfully most of my data has been restored!!!

I've been making furniture for my dragon tower.....
The bookcase is straight......but alas.... the floor isn't

But with a little more work... 
I also made the table.
And I bought two lamps for this room!

The chair was painted and upholstered! 

On a fair I bought a nightstand.
I painted it and removed the door so a dragon can lie there
I want to make a stack of books for him to lie on! 


sylvia said...

Helemaal super geworden, margriet!
Liefs Syl

marian said...

Alles mooi, maar dat bed vind ik wel zo superleuk!

Maria Ireland said...

Your tower is coming on wonderful. Fantastic details. I love the chair.
Hugs Maria

BiWuBär said...

At last! We really wondered if you were well - good to have you back. Your dragon tower keeps getting better and better, your furniture fits perfectly. And it's a pleasure to spot all those lovely baby dragons...

Flutterby + Birgit

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Looks wonderful! I love how you covered your chair :)


Sans! said...

All the details! That chair! I was into sunfaces once and I would have grab that chair for myself in a heartbeat :). Alas, those days are gone and I gladly leave it in your wizard's room for his enjoyment without stealing it :).