Friday, October 7, 2011

Ursula Underhill and gifts!!

Did you know that Nicky....the wonderful woman
who makes those beautiful dragons I'm addicted too.....
makes beautiful dolls too????
I saw some beautiful ones made by her on ebay...
but I don't like ebay at all!!

But a week ago she placed 3 girlwitches in het Etsy store...
and one of them is now mine!!!

Meet Ursula Underhill....
The witch I bought some years ago on a fair
has immediately adopted her as her apprentice!!!

Nicky made up the name and she also made up a wonderful story about Ursula!

Ursula was not blessed with looks, or a sharp mind or even courage. She may have a good magical aura but she is literally afraid of her own shadow. She always likes to see the good in people. But unfortunately not all people or things, for that matter, are good. Some are downright evil. So you shouldnt be surprised to learn that her first day studying the dark arts has left her not able to sleep, spending all night making a witches tangle to keep those bad spirits at bay and some handcuffs just in case that doesnt work. She didnt even sleep soundly knowing her athame was sneakily hidden in her hat at the ready! Poor Ursula, look at those blood shot eyes!

Ursula stands at 4 inches tall from top of the head to the tip of her toes. She has joints at her neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and knees. She can be posed seated or standing (as shown in the photos above) She has Sculpted head/neck, arms/hands and legs/shoes.
She has a soft wired body so is easily posed.
She has hand made bloodshot brown eyes, dark blonde viscose hair.
She comes dressed in lawn cotton fabric bloomers, dress, and apron, with a black vintage kid leather hat.
Hanging on one arm she has her witches tangle, with lots of items to scare away all that is not good and a scroll in her hand! Hanging at her waist is a set of metal Keys on a purple 2mm silk ribbon, On the other arm is a set of handcuffs for any strays and a tag enchanted with goodness. She has a little brass fluer delys at her neck, In her hat you will also find her silver athame and reminder tags... (breathe in, breathe out.....find a paper bag......and other incantations)
I love her!!!

And because Ursula is so afraid of everything...
Nicky thought it would be wise to give her a companion for the trip!
And a barrel with something for courage and travel sickness! 
Meet Granny Gloria!!!
BTW...the barrel was empty when they arrived

Thank you Nicky...
I'm so happy with Ursula and Granny Gloria!!!


vicki said...

She is Awesome Margriet! LOL on your empty barrel :)


Roelie said...

Misschien ergens een potje levertraan scoren voor Ursula of naast al die potjes met brouwsels ook wat verse groenten ?

Maar ondanks haar bloeddoorlopen ogen is ze erg mooi!!!

BiWuBär said...

Maybe with a little practice and education by the old witch Ursula will become more self-confident and courageous... maybe... ;O) Great purchase!

Flutterby + Birgit