Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jollie and Sylvia

Yesterday 2 sweet ladies visited me
Jollie...who is visiting the Netherlands all the way from Greece
and Sylvia...who is a master in making dirty and old look beautiful!!!

Jollie is on the left!
Jollie and I met for the first time last friday on the fair in Arnhem!
Sylvia and I know eachother for some years now!

E-beertje and Dimphy had a wonderful time together too!

The lovely ladies came with gifts
Sylvia made me 2 beautiful bird cages!

And Jollie really spoiled me!!!
In the back you see a pot of jam made of figs and mountain tea!
And ofcourse she brought me miniatures
2 gargoyles, a greek windmill and little house,
a jar with black cat whiskers and a little statue of Atlas!

E-beertje got this sweet little toy with a ladybug....
and he wanted the cute little flower too
to hang in his cuddleroom
Ladies, thank you so much for your gifts,
but you visiting me was the best gift you have given me!!!


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Lovely gifts!


cockerina said...

very beautiful, the gifts received, congratulations!
how nice to meet people so far away ... I envy you a little, but I'm happy for you and your meeting.
kisses, Caterina

BiWuBär said...

I envy you... and I bet you've had loads of fun. Wonderful gifts - and so good to see blog-lazy E-beertje again.


Sans! said...

How fun!!! I see so many posts about visits to Arnhem but this one tops because of the friends :)

Norma said...

Lovely little gifts, but I am sure the best gift of all was the visit from Jollie and Sylvia, you must have had such fun together :)