Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dolls house fair Arnhem

This weekend I've been to the dolls house fair in Arnhem!
On friday and saturday I helped my friend Melissa
and on sunday I visited the fair with my friend Hanny!

And I have made some wonderful purchases....
My favorite one being the market Cross!!!!

Close up.... 

Petite Properties was in Arnhem too....
I wish I could have bought a kit of every house they sold there
But I did buy 2 of them...
The Washtub Cottage 1:144

And the 1:48 Cottage Stores!
I hope mine will be as nice as these 2
(photos of the painted houses by Petite Properties)

My other purchases...

This beautiful kit was sold out,
but they will send it to me by mail

I've met some wonderful new and old friends on the fair...
and I received some nice gifts!
A bottle for glue from Andrea,
a casket with dragon eggs from Marieke
and a lovely 1:48 streetlantern from Melissa.....
but I've forgotten where it is 
 E-beertje received a lovely notice board from Philip!!!

It was a wonderful weekend!!!


Maria Narbon said...

Very nice purchases!!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Great purchases. Looks like you will be able to stay busy all winter :)


BiWuBär said...

Fantastic purchases - I agree with Victoria, no chance for boredom!


Janice said...

I so want to visit this fair. Fabulous purchases.