Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hector and Agathe

Today was a very special day for Hector!!!

Some time ago, Hector saw a beautiful woman on the blog of Sjoukje.
Her name is Agathe and Hector fell in love immediately!!
When Hector heard I would be visiting Sjoukje today,
he came up with a plan!!!

During Christmas,
he really put an effort in singing christmas carols all day long
and after a while he earned quite some money!
The pillory he's in, stands before the tudor house
and the lady of the house came outside to listen to Hector sing.
I'm not sure what he said to her,
but he must have found the right words,
because before I knew what happened,
she released him from the pillory...

I was a bit curious what would happen,
so I just looked and did nothing
and soon I saw the wizard's wife
take Hector with her inside her house.

I heard her say
"let's see if my husband has anything suitable in his closet!"

I saw them going upstairs to the bedroom
and after a while I saw this.... 
Wow....what a metamorphosis

I also heard the wizard's wife say
that women love flowers and chocolate
and that he should go to the market
to see what he could get for his money!
Hector promised her to come back later
and show her what he had bought! 
After some more advice,
the two of them came to me
and asked if Hector could come with me to Sjoukje!
How can you say no to a skeleton so in love???
I sure couldn't

So today, Hector accompanied me and my daughter Jasmijn
to visit Sjoukje and Agathe!

We didn't tell Sjoukje and Agathe anything,
so Agathe was still in the bathtub when we arrived!
But when she heard Hector was there to meet her,
she immediately put a towel on
and rushed over to meet him.

Hector really paid good attention to what he was told
and as a real gentleman he wooed her
with his charm and gifts!
The photos say it all.... 

What do you think....
did he win her heart????
I think he did

Sjoukje and Rob,
thank you for a wonderful day!
Hector would love to come back soon

Hugs, Margriet


Maria Ireland said...

Awww they make a lovely couple. I am sure Agathe has fallen in love with Hector. Wishing you and yours the best for 2012.
Hugs Maria

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Awww....everyone loves a love story :)


Mincka said...

chokjes...... wel sneu dat ze nu weer uit elkaar zijn, die twee hoor

BiWuBär said...

Go for it, Hector! He's a real womanizer (or is it skeletonizer? Phhhhh... anyway...)and a gentleman to the bones! Thank you very much for this heartwarming story - and how will it continue? Does Hector have to return in the pillory? Will he have a photo of Agathe on it? So many questions...

Flutterby + Birgit

Sans! said...


Did she have a heart to win? OMG! They looked like hell! teehee And definitely made in ...hell-ven? Definitely for each other. The love from Hector must have really made Agathe's hair stand :).

So what now? Who's moving in with who?

Plushpussycat said...

I'm not sure, Margriet! Agathe's eyes tell a different story. She looks like she's thinking, "Get me out of here!" lol Cute story! :-) Jennifer