Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I know some of you where feeling sorry for Hector,
because he has to stay in the pillory for such a long time  !
But he really doesn't mind...
look how jolly he looked during the Christmas days!
And he collected quite some money too
while singing Christmas carols all day

Hugs, Margriet


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Happy New Year!!!


Maria Ireland said...

Happy New Year.
Hugs Maria

Drora's minimundo said...

Happy New Year!

Mincka said...

hope you and your folks have more freedom than precious Hector!

Catherine said...

Happy New Year! Hope to see Hector with a nice bottle of Champagne next. ;-)

BiWuBär said...

I really must keep away Sir Paul from this post... if he'd knew Hector made money with this he'd want a pillory, too. No way!!! ;O) But Hector has a real hat face, too!

Best wishes for the new year!


Melissa's miniaturen said...

Je blijft me verbazen.hahahahaha