Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gremlins and dragons

Yesterday the postman delivered a package from England

I love this sleeping gremlin!!!
But one gremlin is a not much fun...
so I ordered some more critters made by Nicky 

The little gremlin is admiring himself in a mirror.

Nicky added some lovely gifts... 

And today another package arrived!!!!
One day after I ordered the gremlins, dragon and rabbit,
I saw another cute little dragon on Facebook.... 
Her name is Daisy and the little flowers are also called daisies!
In Dutch, those flowers are called "margrietjes"
and my name is...
So I just had to have her!!!
Luckily she was still available,
but when Nicky heard our names were the same,
she said this one had to be mine
and she gave me Daisy as a gift!
How sweet is that!!!
Thank you so much Nicky!!! 
Such a cute face!!!

And now I'm dissapearing again
I have to work tomorrow morning and then.....
6 weeks summer vacation!!!


Hugs, Margriet


BiWuBär said...

Daisy is simply adorable... but being your namesake makes her even more special. How kind of Nicky to give it to you. And I can truly see why the other critters had to be purchased! ;O) Have a great holiday time!


Sans! said...

Nicky, you are WONDERFUL for giving another wonderful person such a wonderful gift :). Now I will always remember daisy is margrietjes!

Your little critters are too cute :) but don't disappear for 6 weeks from blogland! Post some pics of your vacation now and then! Where are you going?

SaMiRa73 said...

Daisy-Margriet is so cute and I see why you just had to have her and the other critters :-)))) Have a wonderful vacation with lots of joy, laughter and time to relax! Hugs, Sandra

Gonda said...

Daisy ziet er lief en leuk uit en ook nog met jouw naam, hoop dat je de inspiratie weer mag vinden....ergens.

Catherine said...

I LOVE the one in the bucket! LOL

Maria Ireland said...

Daisy is fantastic what a wonderful sweet gift. I love the little sleeping gremlin its so cute. Have a wonderful vacation.
Hugs Maria

MelyMel said...

Anche io li trovo adorabili, bellissimi regali, complimenti!!!
Un bacio

mcddiss said...

unos regalos fabulosos



Ilona said...

Hi Margriet! Deze post is aan m'n aandacht ontsnapt voordat je wegging op vakantie, zie hem net pas. Je nieuwe aanwinsten zijn superleuk, maar Daisy slaat alles :D!!
Groetjes, Ilona