Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Souvenirs and birthday presents

We're back home again from a
wonderful vacation in the Dordogne, France.
We had beautiful weather..
more then 3 weeks of sunshine
and temperatures between 30 and 40 ºC
(86 and 104 ºF)
We spend a lot of time at and in the river the Dordogne,
that was flowing directly next to the campsite.
When I wasn't in the water,
I sat in the shade and embroidered...
The carpet isn't finished yet,
I still have to fill in the middle part around the dragons.
I found some lovely souvenirs...
The 2 stones on the right are from the river.
The brown one sparkles and the black one is soooo smooth!!
I celebrated my birthday in France.
My kids Jasper and Jasmijn "made" the birthday "cake"
The candle played a very irritating version of Happy Birthday
Jasmijn gave me the little owl on the book
and Jasper gave me the little owl in the egg.
When I got home yesterday,
I found some more presents
Jollie send me a miniature dutch magazine
that has the same name as I do
and a sweet little owl charm.
And Ineke made me a half scale shawl!
Dalia loves her new shawl!
The paper napkin she is standing on
was send to me by Jollie too!
Thank you so much ladies
And not a dollshouse miniature,
but small enough.....
My mom gave me this cute little Chestnut-fairy.
And now real life starts again
I hope that means I will start making miniatures again too...
it does feel like I'm in the mood again
Hugs, Margriet


BiWuBär said...

Welcome back - and again: Happy (late) Birthday! We see your kids know exactly how to make their Mom happy... ;O) Your souvenirs and your gifts are great, so many opportunities - and not to forget, that carpet is stunning. We really like the motif (LOL)

Flutterby + Birgit

rosanna said...

Welcome back Marriet.
Nice to read that your holidays have been so good. Rosanna

adrie said...

Zo Margriet weer thuis na een fijne vakantie.nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag,en leuke kado,s gehad zie ik.en ook nog mooi geborduurd,en nu weer wachten wat je nu weer gaat maken haha.
groetjes adrie

Ilona said...

Hi Margriet! Fijne vakantie gehad zo te lezen en nu weer aan het werk(?). Alsnog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag; je bent best verwend door je kinderen met die schattige taart mét kaarsje, zo lief. Mooie kadootjes en leuke souveniers, hoe vind je die altijd zo?
Ik vind je drakenkleedje beeldig, mooi gedaan.
Groetjes, Ilona

Giac said...

Hello Margriet,
Happy belated birthday. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures...it looked beautiful...what a lovely place to go on vacation.
You got some lovely pieces!

Drora's minimundo said...

A belated Happy Birthday Margriet.
You got some lovely gifts to enjoy and your stitchery pieces are gorgeous. Not much work left to finish the carpet.
Hugs, Drora

Daydreamer said...

I am Late here! Happy Birthday!!!!
The Dordogne is Such a Beautiful place! Lucky you to have a holiday there!

Sans! said...

Best kind of birthday cakes are the ones made by your loved ones :). This year, my birthday "cake" was a round of tequilas on a round tray with candles :).

I went and google Dordogne and wiki travel calls it "one of France's best kept secrets." A great cake at a great place. That's some of the best things in life, Margriet :)