Friday, July 8, 2011

More dragons!

I've bought 2 more dragons

When I made the fireplace in the dragontower,
I made a gap at the bottom of the fireplace,
because I thought it would be fun to place a little dragon there!
So when Nicky made some new dragons last week....
I rushed over to her store to buy a suitable one
And because it is a long travel from her home to mine....
I bought a second dragon, so the little ones wouldn't have to travel alone!!!
The sleeping one is going under the fireplace... 
  I also bought a bottle of dragonblood..
you never know when a dragon will need a bloodtransfusion or something like that
And Nicky added a gift....
a unicornhorn!!!
On the label it says "no unicorns were harmed!"

Thank you Nicky for the gift and for making such wonderful little dragons!!!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

They a really are darling little dragons! Lucky you! Kate xxx

BiWuBär said...

Only two dragons? You're really a strong, tough woman - I admire you! ;O) That sleeping dragon is perfect for your fireplace, it really wasn't finished without a dragon baby under it (LOL).


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Very nice dragons, he looks perfect peeking out :)


Sans! said...

Great buys, Margriet! I am glad I am not into dungeons and dragons in minis because I won't know when to stop with these dragons!