Wednesday, April 19, 2017

M-huis - Trapkast/Closet under the stairs

Toen Oscar de trap aan de onderkant wou gaan afwerken,
kreeg hij opeens een goed idee!
When Oscar was going to finish underneath the stairs,
he had a great idea!

Een kast onder de trap voor bijvoorbeeld de stofzuiger!
A closet under the stairs to store the vacuum cleaner!

Het was een zware klus.
It was a difficult project.

Maar aan het eind van de dag hadden ze een mooie en handige kast!
But at the end of the day they had a wonderful and convenient closet!

Maar nog geen stofzuiger ;-)
But not yet a vacuum cleaner ;-)


BiWuBär said...

Could you send Oscar over to help me??? Oh... I've already asked this in my last comment you say and I should know better in the meantime... okay... *sigh* But Oscar is such a clever chap - a great idea to use the space under the stairs. And about the vacuum cleaner - as long as Oscar is still having ideas it's not needed. But whenever they get one there's a great place waiting for it.


Daydreamer said...

Hi Margriet! Oscar is so smart and helpful! I wish I had an "Oscar" helping me at my place! LOL! I have always loved seeing little closets under the stairs... we had one for boots and coats when I was Little... I think this will be the perfect place for the vacuum cleaner! It looks wonderful! And I love all the other work he has done on the stairs and the hall.... he is a real Pro! (I guess I will need to get in line for borrowing Oscar!) :)